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Vincent Taforeau

Visual Communication

The people who work in the graphic and visual communication professions are graphic artists or graphic designers. They produce a message using physical or digital media, to reach a public made up of individuals, citizens or consumers but it also exists in the form of graphic authorship.

Visual Communication professions

The graphic artist or graphic designer has to master a certain number of communication skills.  With good listening, analysis and synthesis skills, he must be able to convey his intentions to the sponsor before putting them into action.  

He must also regularly present his investigations to allow for the communication back and forth that will engage the players in the same project.  This relationship game between “sponsor(s)” and himself and/or with a work team, must be a priority and must not function without thinking about the audience involved (an audience of citizens or consumers), the objective that must be achieved, because it is indeed a three-party relationship (sponsor-graphic artist-audience) that is concerned here.  Even if the target audience is not present during the meetings, it is for them that the act of visual communication is created, that it is made visible, that we communicate...

He intervenes in the creation of logos and visual brand identities, putting together posters, packaging, product identities, signs, and many other forms of support because he must be a source of advice and proposals.  The graphic artist must be able to respond to all requests, using artistic means as varied and diverse as possible, but he must also acquire some technical skills.   He is attentive to creation, to means of expression, to new techniques and technologies, to culture in all its forms.

Being a Visual Communication student

It is this expertise, this attention to detail and the sense of excellence, this technical and artistic mastery, as well as the mastery of management and communication tools that the Graphic and Visual Communication student must learn to use and manage in the Master’s degree.  

From the 1st year of Bachelor studies, the “permanent ping-pong” between students and teachers, that recalls the communication between sponsor and creator, is a necessity to allow the progress and follow-up of projects and to allow assistance and development for the students with a maximum of methodology and efficiency but also to allow them to acquire their own autonomy (end of year 3 of the Bachelor studies).  

In workshop practice, the thought process must precede the execution, the analysis is a necessity before picking up tools like the pencil or the marker to scribble some graphic solutions.

Latest news of our students

Gold medal GRAPHIC DESIGN 2023 at Euroskills in Gdansk (Pol)
Belgian SKill 2022 gold medal (Ciney – B)
Design of the new DOUR festival 2024 logo
Identity design for the “Etudes nordiques” department of UMONS
Portrait of Eddy De Pretto (for Eddy De Pretto > “A tous les batards" album promo)
Collaboration with the singer GRANDGEORGE / Julie Prayez (Soprano – Actress) / Front 242 (Patrick Codenys)
Identity design department “French and Francophone Studies Service” UMONS
MUFIM Logo Creation (museum of folklore and imagination) Tournai
Participation in “La Nuit des Bassins 2022” Arras (F) via digital works
Identity and communication of the Ath Art and Plant Biennial (B)
Design of “animated credits” for screenings > RAMDAM festival 2024
Credits for the show “Perspectiv” Rated (regional TV – B)
“INTERSECTIONS”, Triennial of contemporary art in Tournai, identity design and visuals of the event
First Prizes for PACKAGING design (Desobry SA ® )
Identity Gallery of the Lost Rabbit (Maison de la culture de Tournai)
Signage, scenography and participation in the exhibition
“LOINTAIN de PRÈS”, Iranian and Belgian graphics (Maison de la Culture de Tournai).
Design of the TV spot “Entre trois émois” > Biennake ARTOUR 2023
Signage, personalized communication supports, editorial charter Tournaisien Tourist Office
(Service and graphic design)
Crypt Poster Exhibition of the Tourist Office
Creation of simplified satisfaction survey pictograms for the non-profit organization “Read and Write”, CHwapi + CHR Citadelle de Liège.
Identity and global communication of the news
Ath Art & Plant Biennial

What happened to them?

Graphic designer at Alpaga Agency (B)
Graphic designer Agence Bravo (F- Boulogne)
DA at Casamance & Camengo(F)
DA & UI designer – Digitalinkers Barcelona (E)
Designer & Project Manager at Prestimedia (F)
Graphic designer-illustrator “Femme d’aujourd’hui” Brussels
Graphic designer at Carodel (B)
Graphic designer at Immobox (B)
UX Lead at Groupe Adéo (F)
Graphic designer – Municipality of Horchies (F)
Web developer at Talentplug (F)
Creative director at Ginkolea (F-Marseille)
Graphic designer at Sobecom’ (B)
Graphic designer at Convergence Point (Bxl)
Executive graphic designer at Orfé (Montreal -Canada)
Graphic designer at Philips (NL)
Founder creator FOKUS PRODtUCT Agency (B)
Graphic designer at Dazn Group TV (Berlin - D)
Co-Founder Papier-Machin agency (Lille - F)
Others became Freelance Graphic Designer


“le Lointain de Près”, Mayak editions
“Esprit d’atelier 1”, student projects from the workshop.

What is graphic art?  

Graphic art is an answer given to a question asked.  Graphic communication is the subject of a drawing study based on a communication project (design).  Drawing and design are both components of graphic design. They start from an intention.  

Graphic authorship, a transgression towards art (sliding from using the know-how for a sponsor towards the “artistic field”). Questioning the boundaries of the discipline.  

Vincent Taforeau – head of the workshop.  2012 Notes



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