Registration fees

The amount of the registration fees is set by decree. This amount includes the fees for enrolment, registration for the academic year and the tests and exams organised during the academic year.

Fees appreciated at the actual cost relating to the goods and services provided to the students (DAS - additional administrative fees) are required. They may vary according to the programme and the study year.

The additional administrative fees must be paid before 30 September to validate the registration.
If the final amount of the registration fee is not paid at the latest by 24 January, the student will no longer be duly registered and will no longer have access to evaluations.

For information:

For EU citizens

  1. In 1st, 2nd year Bachelor’s and 1st Master’s 120 (non-diploma years)        € 350.03

  2. In 3rd year Bachelor’s and 2nd year Master’s 60 credits (diploma years)              € 454.47

The Belgian scholarship students do not have to pay the entrance fee but must show proof of their request for a student grant and must show the document proving their acceptance of the grant as soon as it is received.

Studies for the secondary school teaching certificate

(open to those holding or studying for a master’s degree)

for one year of study (300 hours of lessons, including internships).                € 70.57

For non-European Union citizens, on top of the entrance fee (mentioned here above)

  1. In 1st, 2nd and 3rd Bachelor's                                                       € 1487

  2. In 1st and 2nd Master’s                                                                 € 1984

The DAS (additional administrative fee) varies between € 100 and € 250 depending on the different programmes and years.