Conditions of admission

The Academy of Fine Arts is subsidised by the French Community of Belgium.

To be duly registered and fundable, each student must hold a CESS (Certificate of upper secondary school education) obtained in Belgium. If the student has obtained a certificate in a different country, he/she must introduce a request for diploma equivalency with the appropriate Administration of the French Community of Belgium. Information about this procedure can be obtained from the college administration or on the website

Passing the admission exam

The future student must register for an admission exam organised by the ESA - École Supérieure des Arts (Art College) and succeed.

The admission exam is organised during the month of September. When registering for the admission exam, the candidate must present the following documents:

  1. A legalised photocopy of their secondary school diploma CESS or Bac or, for non-Belgians, the original of the ministerial decision granting equivalency.

  2. A copy of their identity card or, for non-EU citizens, the passport with the mention “admitted for studies” or a similar notation, and proof of registration in the register of foreigners, possibly after the admission exam.

  3. An original extract of birth certificate.

Class registration

Classes begin on 14 September at 9:00. The last date for registration is 30 september. The academic authorities of the ESA (Art College) - AC'Tournai draw the candidates’ attention to the real risk of jeopardising the success of their school year if they miss one and a half months of attendance at the workshops, artistic classes and theoretical classes

Classes are given every day from 9:00 until 18:00.

For complete information, consult the School Rules, Title 1 article 3 of the conditions of access to the first cycle of a study programme.