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“The Comics studies workshop focuses on all forms of narrative allowing the students to complete their creative autonomy.  The only prerequisite to the production of workshop images is the willingness to bring to fruition a creative dialogue allowing rich personal development, whatever the genre and the subject matter.”

The workshop practice

The perception and consideration of the evolution that these contemporary forms of expression undergo, the diverse influences that form and traverse it, the blending that transforms our environment (including today transmedia storytelling, hybrid narratives, web comics) are the “materia prima” to be questioned by the students throughout their course, leading them (beyond the technical mastery) to the emergence of a language of their own that satisfies their narrative and visual choices.

To reconcile the requirement for production of narrative images as well as the personal wishes of the students, they experiment with all the constituent elements of the story in images, by stages, with the assistance of the programme teachers, through varied and diverse exercises that are precise in their objectives:

Script, cutting, composition, pertinence of the production, decor, montage, the psychology of the story and the characters and the drawing are part of a sustained learning process.

Being a Comics student

In the first year of Bachelor studies, the practice of observation drawing, composition drawing, the knowledge of perspective, of anatomy, the use of art in all its forms allows the story to be told, develops the creative storytelling of the student and the mastery of the text-image relationship.

The second and third years of Bachelor studies add further perfection and complexity to the prerequisites learned previously.

The gradual autonomy of the student, which is sought after whatever the year of studies, is a sign of artistic progress resulting from the mastery of these prerequisites.

In the Master’s studies, the students pursue their reflection on the narrative in images whilst at the same time being capable of carrying out personal projects.

In the second year of Master studies, the experienced student continues to implement the exploration, the narrative research, the visual and formal interrogation which ensure the emergence of works that attest to their creative originality and the place they want to occupy in a changing and emotive world.

Former students’ achievements

Best First Album Award at the Angoulême Festival 2004.
Jules Verne Award 2005
First Album Award at the Roubaix Festival 2016
“Young Author” award at Collonges la Rouge 2002
Youth Album Award Darnetal 2003
“Special Jury Award” Colomiers 2003
Honour Award from the Lycée François Albert de Noeux-les-Mines 2011
“Best First Album of Picard Students” 2016/2017
Nomination “First Album” BDgest 2016
Student Award Rhône-Alpes 2012

Workshop Vision

“The only prerequisite to the production of workshop images is the narrative pertinence, the willingness to bring to fruition a creative dialogue allowing the deepest desires to take shape and fulfil rich personal development, whatever the genre and the subject matter”

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