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As with all art, advertising is aimed at the imagination, it allows us to develop the creative and artistic mind. Advertising aims to make us dream, which is the essence of art. It gives products an added imaginary value.

What is advertising?

The role of advertising is to attract, to generate, it aims to seduce. Advertising is the action of making public. It is also a collection of means used to introduce the public to a brand, a product, an industrial or commercial company.

Advertising designates all the actions taken to make a product known and to give information about it. The suggested aim is to incite consumption and to influence the choice of the public or the target persons. By creating logos for a visual identity, creating posters, ads, press, websites, animation, packaging, etc.

Which professions?

Advertising is a graphic art profession, thrilling and demanding for diverse profiles.

The advertiser mainly works in an advertising agency, a creation or communication studio, a large company or of course, in the press or printing sectors.

He/she may be an artistic director, an employee or working freelance for an advertising agency, creator of a graphic project, posters, packaging, logos, street marketing or perhaps a webmaster, photographer, graphic artist, etc.

Being an Advertising student:

It means developing a creative and artistic mind. It means discovering and expressing oneself through different projects. It means learning, experimenting with different essential techniques: graphics, desktop publishing, creative drawing, live-model drawing, colour, printing techniques, screen printing, studio photography, story boarding, marketing, multimedia (creation of websites, videos, internet animation, etc.)

Offering the student a multidisciplinary opportunity in the field of advertising, in an art college. Giving the will to imagine, to take a view of the world and do something different.

The theoretical classes awaken and develop culture, knowledge and the critical thinking that is essential to creation.

From the 3rd year, the student will participate in an internship in the professional world, in a company, advertising agency, photographic studio, printing shop, communication service, etc.

During their course, all the students will participate in various poster competitions (advertising, political, event related, cultural), creation of logos, flyers, web concept, photo, etc.

What happened to them?

Graphic Designer at Kiabi. Graphic Designer at InfoNews. Graphic Designer at Dicton. Graphic Designer at Georges&Louis. Webmaster at Evolution. Graphic Designer at Lebel Idée Pub Paris. Creator of the Vanhoutte comic book. Graphic Designer at Wollux. Freelance model maker. Freelance studio photographer. Graphic Designer at Artgo.



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